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✨ My Skin ✨⁠

This week I have had the absolute pleasure talking to so many of you! Something that as always pop up in most conversations is “I wish I had skin like yours; it’s always perfect”.⁠

It’s something I thought essential to talk about, I haven’t always had great skin nor do I believe it’s perfect, if you were to speak to me nine years ago when I was 16 and covered in painful cystic acne. I would be saying to you I hated myself and my skin.

It was then that I decided to invest into myself fully. Not only has skincare taught me how to analyse and address the skincare issues I had, it most importantly taught me self love and self-worth. ⁠

Every single person skincare journey will be different, and that’s okay! It’s important to understand. That it may not always be the best ingredient or formulation for your skin, you may need something different. There will always be a little trial and error.⁠

Luckily there is someone, like myself, there to help you. Someone who understands the functions of the epidermis and the ingredients, formulations and actives ⁠different skin concerns and conditions ⁠needs.

We train and research intensively into ingredients, formulations, skin conditions and concerns that way you can always have someone who is knowable helping you, you are not alone!⁠

So no matter what skincare issue you may have, drop me a message and let’s talk, I may even have a suggestion to try! I always love to help you guys out and speak to you about anything!⁠

My go-to product this week: OLOS Glycolic Cleansing Milk
This has to be the best cleansing milk have ever used. Perfectly cleanse your face daily! This cleansing milk removes make-up and impurities, smoothes and renews the epidermis thanks to the exfoliating action of Glycolic Acid.

It leaves your skin so soft and keeps you with a beautiful youthful glow. It’s the answer to all your hyper-pigmentation woes, “Glycolic acid is an AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It’s a water-soluble acid and an ingredient that increases the luminosity of the skin because it exfoliates the outermost dead layer of the skin, for those of you who find scrubs too harsh and experience sensitivity this product is it’s a much gentler way to exfoliate the skin

Available to purchase at DermaGuru for £30

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