Why Memberships?

We believe that skincare is not just a luxury; it’s a journey towards self-confidence and well-being. To help you embark on this transformative journey, we are thrilled to introduce our range of exclusive skincare memberships. Our skincare memberships offer more than just treatments; they provide you with a passport to indulgence, rejuvenation, and consistent care. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for personalised skincare, our clinic is your trusted partner in achieving and maintaining the skin you’ve always deserved.

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  • £250 p/month

Positive Pro-Ageing Membership

Our Positive Pro-Ageing Membership is the perfect solution for managing any skincare concerns you may have. From wrinkles and fine lines to age spots, dark circles and thinning hair lines – we have a treatment for every concern to ensure you continue feeling confident and in control as your body begins to change.

  • One completely bespoke treatment p/month. This can be a combined treatment, including Micro-needling, Bio-rejuvenation, Advanced Resurfacing and Nano-Infusion etc.
  • 10% off bespoke skincare and any additional treatments.
  • 10% off DermaGuru shop.
  • Complimentary Dermascan every 3 months to review skin health.
  • £110 p/month

Maintenance Membership

This membership is for those clients who Completed their chemical resurfacing treatment plan and are now maintaining their results. This monthly membership entitles you to one chemical resurfacing treatment a month.

  • This is for existing clients that have already completed their resurfacing package – enabling them to maintain long-term results on an advantageous monthly price.
  • 10% off bespoke skincare and any additional treatments.
  • 10% off DermaGuru shop.
  • Complimentary Dermascan every 3 months to review skin health.
  • £150 p/month

Liquid Life Membership

The Liquid life skin supplement is formulated to transform your skin from the inside out. This skin boost formulation contains essential micronutrients that are essential to maintain healthy skin from where it matters most. The unique combination of collagen peptides, vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid work synergistically to promote skin suppleness and firmness, boost the immune system, intensively hydrate the skin, protect against oxidative stress and increase radiance.

Since it is in liquid form, liquid life boost is able to deliver higher concentration of collagen peptides and other nutrients faster and more effectively into the bloodstream. It can boost your body’s natural collagen production and replenish the collagen you lose during the ageing process.

  • High bio-available complete supplements delivered Monthly
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin firmness and elasticity
  • Supports hair and nail health
  • Support for connective tissue and joints
  • Provides relief from joint pain and stiffness