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Meder Beauty has Arrived in Clinic!

As you know, nothing comes into the clinic unless I have spent time researching and trailing products. I have been using @meder_beauty for two months now and trailing some treatments, and I have been amazed by the results and would be a perfect complementary treatment offering in the clinic.

We can use all treatments alongside other treatments I offer and can be customised into your treatment plan, or as an intensive phase can be done five or more weekly treatments to address particular areas of concern all will be discussed and formulated in your consultation.

Please Note:

All new clients must have a consultation with me before having any advanced treatments.

HYDRA-FILL Treatment £120

An advanced hydrating, stimulating and skin plumping treatment.This treatment restores natural moisture levels in the deeper layers of skin and helps restore its natural protection; it increases your natural levels of hyaluronic acid plumping, softening fine lines and eliminating signs of fatigue and free radical damage, giving a rested and glowing look, visibly smoother skin and more even complexion with a youthful radiance.

ARMA-LIFT Treatment £120

Non-invasive firming and skin regeneration treatment for dull and tired skin. Stem cell technology boosts dermal synthesis, reducing wrinkles, while Epidermal Growth Factor accelerates skin regeneration. Wrinkles visibly reduced, brighter complexion, rested and fresh look.

RED-APAX Treatment £120

Prebiotic therapy for rosacea and skin redness with an immediate calming effect. Purely natural skin treatment with prebiotics and organic plant extracts for reducing redness and skin sensitivity as well as treating rosacea subtypes 1 and 2 (facial redness; bumps and pimples).

Organic plant extracts instantly calm the skin and suppress inflammation while strengthening the facial capillaries. In addition, prebiotic creates a nutrient medium for a healthy microbiome and decreases the growth of pathogenic bacteria, resulting in quick reduction of redness, inflammation and discomfort; decreased sensitivity and irritation; healthier-looking skin.

EU-SEB Treatment £120

A unique prebiotic-only therapy normalising stratum microbiome. Gentle prebiotic therapy for mild to severe acne, rosacea, oily and problem skin. Prebiotics provide nourishment for the skin’s eco flora while toxic to pathogenic bacteria. Resulting in Smooth and matte inflammation-free skin, tightened pores, healthy glow, normal sebum production, with reduced sensitivity.

LIPO-OVAL Treatment £120

A non-surgical facial slimming and depuffing treatment. Intense facial slimming therapy and double chin reduction using Powerful lipolytic ingredients reduces the fatty tissue and improves microcirculation, providing a draining and lifting effect. The face and the neck look slimmer, the skin is visibly firmer, puffiness gone.

MYO-FIX Treatment £135

World’s first effective non-injection mimic wrinkles’ correction, this treatment course for the correction of mimic wrinkles and fine lines. With a similar effect to botox using high tech Innovative peptides that work in synergy, immobilising the mimic muscles only where it’s necessary — at their points of connection with the skin. A high concentration of active ingredients combined with a unique skin preparation protocol delivers stable and visible results. Resulting in smooth, glowing skin and visibly reduced wrinkles.


To give you an opportunity to fall in love with Meder Beauty, as much as I have, for a limited time I will be offering these treatments as part of an offer. Buy 3 and I will give you a 10% discount, buying 5 or more and I will give you 20%.

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