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Ané’s Visit to DermaGuru :

Ané took the time to visit me here at the DermaGuru clinic a few weeks ago. So I wanted to take this moment to say how much I admire and respect Ané for all of her contributions to the skincare and beauty community.

After chatting online for a while, it was amazing to finally meet Ané in person and what better place to meet than at DermaGuru. This was an opportunity to better understand Ané’s brand – Ané Skincare and Beauty. It was also a chance to share and showcase what I do here at DermaGuru – Bath’s award winning skincare clinic.

Meet Ané:

Ané is the Creator and Founder of renowned beauty brand – Ané Skincare & Beauty.

“I started to feel overwhelmed and a bit confused about the amount of steps in my routine, what to layer when – not to mention the time spent, energy invested, cost and waste of it all. I just wanted to figure it out once and for all and fully understand what my skin really needed.” After having products spilling out from her bathroom cabinets, she set out with one goal…

“I wanted to have just one shelf, with one row of skincare products. No more.”

“At the same time I was navigating Peri/Menopause and I started to feel and see significant changes to my skin – especially in relation to collagen loss, texture and tone.  As I result I’ve been focussed on creating products to proactively address typical signs of ageing related to Estrogen Deficiency Skin (EDS).” – Ané

This was the focus for my treatment plan for Ané, help combat oxidate stress, texture and tone as a result of EDS.

Ané article in the bath life magazine for january. A walk through of her visit to dermaguru

Ané’s Treatement:

Once here, I took her through a typical client journey, which consisted of a consultation to establish Ané’s skincare needs in preparation to formulate the required ingredients and treatment plan.

The EDS Ané mentioned earlier was the focus for what ingredients and treatments I recommended. Estrogen insufficiency decreases defence against oxidative stress; skin becomes more transparent with less collagen, decreased elasticity, increased dryness and reduced vascularity.

With this in mind, Ané’s bespoke treatment was the Bio-filler Platinum Facial with a pHformula specific Mini-Peel to achieve that ultimate glow and help reduce any oxidative stress, texture, tone and collagen loss caused by Estrogen Deficiency Skin (EDS.)


“Good skin is the sum of taking care of ourselves inside and out, mentally, physically and emotionally. Every day.” – Ané 

Please Note:

All new clients must have a consultation with me before having any advanced treatments.



This unique treatment with low molecular weight ionised platinum provides exceptional anti-oxidant protection and resistance to harmful effects of all oxidative stress.

With strong anti-pigmentation properties, this helps eliminate pigmentation by blocking melanin generation. With a deeply moisturising and lifting effect, restores elasticity and firmness. The perfect treatment for the city goer with high levels of stress.


£110 1 | £580 6

Active and effective skin resurfacing solutions for the treatment of typical signs of ageing. Such as: photo-ageing, pigment changes, dull sallow appearance, superficial and medium expression lines. The pHformula A.G.E. solutions were specifically formulated as advanced anti-ageing skin resurfacing treatments to target these needs.

Different protocols can be combined in a prescription program. The strength and depth of the products are controlled by the physician, based on application technique and the number of layers applied during the skin resurfacing procedure.

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