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This machine reveals it all.

One scan on pHformula’s Skin Scanner reveals every concern you have ever had, currently have and will potentially have – even those the naked eye can’t see. Has this skincare pioneering company revolutionised how to treat skincare concerns?

What’s the Process?

Firstly, you stick your face into a machine, placing your chin on the chin rest and close your eyes. A cover is pulled over the back of your head to reduce the natural lighting and three flashes of light go off. Mere seconds later, we can see your dermis scans in multiple variations.

Few of us want to get up close and personal with our face’s every pore, bump and wrinkle, but I promise – it’s worth it. This tabletop machine is a skin analysis tool that identifies and quantifies various skin conditions through exposing your skin to different spectrums of light.

pHformula’s skin scanner is part of a bigger movement of technology making it’s way into the skincare industry. I’m seeing more devices than ever before, each with a claim they can fix or cover whatever you don’t like about your skin – but I chose pHformula’s scanner for the same reason I’m picky about the products I use, because of it’s results.

Skincare experts are past the point of asking if technology belongs in the skincare industry – it does, so let’s celebrate it and explore how it can broaden our knowledge and help us treat our skin more effectively.

Here’s what you can learn from having your face scanned:

RGB pores, RGB spots, RGB wrinkles, PL texture, UV Porphyrin, UV damage, UV pigmentation, UV moisture, Sensitive area and Brown Area.

Looking at all of these factors, a I can recommend treatments and products that can improve the look of your face and protect against future sun damage.

How Does It Work?

The pHformula scanner takes three photos of your face — one with daylight lighting conditions, one with cross polarisation (which reduces glare) and one with UV light — to evaluate and quantify various conditions both on the surface of your skin and hidden in your dermis’ layers.

These patient skin scans are stored and available only at DermaGuru. The scans are included in consultations and as part of treatment plans so we can map and track your progress throughout your time here.

From these scans, we can also estimate your “TruSkin age,” which basically tells you if the amount of wrinkles, UV damage and discolouration is typical for your age. It does so by comparing your skin conditions to a large database of other patients!

The other new feature is the age simulation. Based on the condition of your skin when you get the scan, and assuming you don’t make any changes to your current skincare regime, it shows you what you’ll look like by the time you’re 80 (and all of the years in between).

What Happens After the Scan?

Featured above is client receiving a MELA and microneedling bespoke treatment to help reverse pigmentation and damage caused by UV exposure.  These two treatments combined help reverse pigmentation, increase cellular turnover and help your skin bounce back with a hit of collagen. But it isn’t just sun damage that can be helped by these bespoke packages – we can start to treat a whole range of skincare concerns by changing how we build this treatment depending on the products and methods used.

Why Did I Want a Scanner?

My skin’s been through a lot: when I was 16 , I was covered in painful cystic acne. I wanted to see how that had affected the production of certain cells in my dermis and how I could continue my own skincare journey – allowing me to better help all my patients.

In short, I wanted answers.

What Can pHformula Teach You?

Most patients go into the scan hoping to figure out what to do about scars, uneven skin texture and visible pores, but most commonly, it shows the sobering truth of our skin’s UV damage.

Just by looking at your face, you might not see much – especially anything you would consider to be signs of sun exposure, such as freckles or dark spots. But with the UV photo, I can help you assess any widespread damage and formulate a treatment plan.

You may see hundreds of black spots and blotches in the UV photo – these are UV spots, or areas beneath the skin’s surface where melanin coagulates after being exposed to UV rays. Your body produces melanin when exposed to the sun in an effort to protect it. It’s also responsible for giving you a tan, but it’s not always visible to the naked eye.

UV rays do more than stimulate melanin production – they also damage collagen in your skin, which ultimately causes premature ageing. While we can’t actually see the collagen damage, those black spots in the UV photo are proof that you’ve accrued enough UV rays to cause it.

Rob’s orders.

At the end of the scan and analysis, I can offer advice on what you should be doing to protect against any further damage and reverse some of the damage that’s already been done.

Above all else, I always recommend wearing sunscreen every day, without exception. No matter where you go and who you talk to, skincare specialists all over  the world will give you the same advice because it’s the best line of defence against UV rays.

In order to help reverse some of the existing UV damage, plus help improve skin texture, I recommended products with antioxidants, specifically vitamin A and vitamin C.

Various formulations of vitamin A improve cell turnover and are available in many skin products, from over-the-counter retinol creams and serums, to prescription-strength retinoid ointments and oral medication. Vitamin C has become a popular skincare ingredient in the last several years because studies suggest that it can also reverse sun damage!

As it happens, pHformula have formulated revolutionary VITA A and C products which can increase cell turnover, help reduce signs of sun damage and increase overall health.

Do we really need a machine to scan our faces?

Any skincare specialist can look at your skin and tell you what kind of issues you’re dealing with — whether that’s acne, scarring, rosacea or wrinkles. But pHformula’s Skin Scanner allows us to uncover what the naked eye can’t see.

Please Note:

All new clients must have a consultation with me before having any advanced treatments.

pHformula Products:

The products listed below are revolutionising how I help clients visibly reduce signs of sun damage and hyperpigmentation. They’re rich in anti-oxidants which help combat free-radicals in our environment which cause damage to our skin and they also help retain moisture which gives you that radiant glow.

What more could you need from a product?

pHformula VITA A Mask

pHformula VITA A Cream

pHformula VITA C Mask

pHformula VITA C Cream

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