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The transition from summer into the colder months of the year is never an easy transition. The dark mornings, rainy days and cold wind impact a number of things – but what about winter skin?

During the summer, the warm temperatures encourage our skin to produce more oils but the cold temperatures and low humidity levels of our winter weather draw moisture out of the skin. This loss of moisture and hydration can cause discomfort, cracked or even bleeding skin.

But even if you don’t go outside, the dry indoor heat will still cause the same problems – there seems to be no refuge. Luckily however, there are a number of treatments and products you can use to help combat and prevent this loss of hydration during the winter.

At DermaGuru, I have been building the perfect customisable treatment to provide you all with that glow ready to combat the cold and look your best during the festive holidays! This special offer will be released in Thursday’s Newsletter, sign up below so you don’t miss out!

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To support these treatments, you can also use the following products to increase the benefits and ensure you can continue looking healthy and glowing all the way through winter:


pHformula SOS Rescue Cream:

– Barrier cream for dry to very sensitive skin. Forms a shield on the skins surface for superior protection against moisture loss, wind-burn or sun burn.

pHformula SOS Oil:

– A duel-phase oil to infuse the skin with a healthy glow. Improves collagen production while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles by firming the skin.

pHformula Repair Cream:

– Protects the skin against moisture loss. Provides immediate relief to dry and sensitive skin, while forming a barrier to prevent moisture loss.

pHformula Lip Rescue:

– A medicated lip balm most effective for providing instant healing and optimal comfort for dry, chapped and sore lips.

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