Using synthetic mink eyelash extensions, this semi-permanent treatment will enhance your eyelashes to create a fuller, more striking look.  
The extensions will be individually glued to each lash and, with proper maintenance and infills every fortnight, will typically last 6-8 weeks.  There is no need for mascara afterwards; your eyelashes will always be ready to party.


£80 Hybrid
£100 Mega Volume

Hybrid lashes combine Synthetic Mink 3D lashes and Classic Lashes to create a stunning, light-weight and full look, without overcrowding the lashes. Open your eyes to the delicate and beautiful Hybrid lashes.



This semi-permanent treatment will curl and lift your natural lashes. Perfect for a natural boost for a more open and bolder eye.

Patch test required 48 hours in advance.

Eyebrow Plucking


This semi-permanent treatment will enhance your natural brows making them bolder and defined. Your brows will be tinted a few shades darker, making them appear more full and thicker. 

Following that, brow shaping will aid you in finding the perfect brow shape for you.


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